Upgrade your riding experience with our new RZ Bike Light series!

Equipped with powerful Hi-Power Anti-Glare Cut Off Beams, the RZ bike lights are specially designed to expand your night vision range, protecting you and those around you. By dispensing even beams, the RZ lights alerts you of your surroundings without disturbing incoming traffic. The series also features replaceable battery designs to enable more flexible charging options, while still retaining the fan-favorite Powerbar Display system, Emergency Power Bank function, and Thermo Protection to name a few…


The Power of Magnet!

This compact mini bike light set (front/tail) is small but mighty. Leveraging the compact strength of magnets, our engineering team has developed an unbeatable design that makes automatic locking as easy and effective as it sounds. All you need to do is throw the light close to the mount, it will snap and lock automatically, and away you go!


Not Every Light is designed the same!

We take pride in designing advanced lighting products for both professional cyclists and everyday commuters. Especially for our riders with needs beyond a simple commute, we’ve developed a multi-purpose LED COB light that can be installed in front of the bike baskets, wheelchairs, or other appliances as a front/back light — occasionally doubling as a hand torch!


It’s not just any simple bike light. It’s a smart one.

 The Powerbar Display System prepares you for your trips by telling you what your battery capacity is and how long you can survive in the dark. Since running out of mobile battery is always a hassle in nowadays modern life, this unique Roadway series also can switch into an Emergency Power Bank while the bike light is still on in order for you to continue your journey. Cool, right?

 Just to surprise you with another bonus feature, this tidy and neat box set comes with a very useful Twist n’ Go Mount to unify all your bike accessories in one go. Thumbs up 🙂

 Not only is this Roadway series very practical, it’s also eco-friendly. To better protect the environment, the light is powered by a USB Rechargeable Battery that is carefully crafted by the best aircraft aluminium body to increase durability. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the functional yet sustainable basics that Lumixell strives to provide. Enjoy!

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While it’s our job to keep you safe during your runs in the dark, we also want you to run free of any cumbersome inconveniences.

 This unique LED reflective vest is super powerful in its brightness and is ultra light in weight. Made of the best optical fibers with ultra brightness and super long running time, it’s flexible and easy to wear. Carefully designed with adjustable straps to facilitate a perfect fit, the vest also has simple steady or flash modes to choose from.

 The vest is powered by a USB rechargeable battery to best protect the environment.

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Lumixell designs every bike light with its own unique purpose. Our ultimate goal is to enhance your user experience and find the best fit for your daily needs.

With the growing concerns with road safety, the Alley series is specially designed to fill in the gap between basic commodity and professional premium.

The Daylight Visible Halo light makes sure that you are visible to other road users even during the day.

All thanks to its Smart Ambient Sensor, this Alley series light will adjust its brightness as you ride from brighter areas into darker zones. For example, as you ride into a tunnel, the Smart Sensor detects the change in ambient light levels and automatically adjusts the light to a higher brightness setting to fit your needs.

 The light is powered by a USB rechargeable battery to best protect the environment.

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For our headlamp series, Lumixell focused on designing products that are compact in size but powerful in brightness. From camping in the wilderness, hiking, and fishing to simply working in your basement, there are endless occasions where a headlamp comes in handy.

 Lumixell’s Cube light is the perfect headlamp for any of these occasions. It ensures that your needs are met with great convenience, style, and — most importantly — satisfaction.

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“Less is more”

 Designed according to this philosophy is the Beacon Duo — one of the bike lights from Lumixell’s new Beacon series designed to provide both red and white lights for your convenience and flexibility.

 These cubic lights function both as a front and rear light, adjustable to your specific needs. While compact, they provide ample brightness to ensure the safety of your bike rides.

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In the wake of COVID-19, cycling has replaced public transportation as the preferred method of travelling to work. But with traffic being a legitimate threat to cyclists on the road, obeying traffic rules are pivotal in maintaining the safety of both the rider and drivers around.

The Director light from our Signal series clearly signals the intended directions of the cyclist, alerting nearby drivers and helping maintain order in traffic. Easily detachable, the Director light comes with a wireless remote and has an auto brake sensor that signals according to the rider’s speed.

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Lumi-blade is a series of tail lights with various functions to fit your different needs.

We have tail lights to fit on bike as well as on helmets.

We have ABS (Auto Brake Sensor) rear lights. We have bike light with laser beams to identify safety zone. We have more…

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