Meet the Team

We are a Hong Kong based company founded in 2002. Our dream started with only 4 people in a small cramped office in a remote industrial area away from the fashionable office locations in this famous international city in Asia.

Albert Ng, our director and founder is passionate about creating new products from innovative ideas which add value, safety, benefits and fun to those who use them. He motivates and leads our team who are runners, hikers, campers and triathletes to develop a large variety of health and fitness related products from outdoor safety tools like digital altimeters and compasses to activity trackers and heart-rate monitors. Lumixell is our brand dedicated to cyclists.

Quality & unique ways to illuminate the user is the key of Lumixell. Lumixell products protect cyclists, runners, walkers
or anyone who are out in the dark using high visibility LED’s. Our products use the most advance technology combined with smart, easy-to-use functionality to create innovative products that last.

We’re passionate about what we do – we hope you like what we do too!

If you would like to contact us directly, please send email to We will come back to you shortly.

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